martes, 30 de octubre de 2012

Ayuda: Identificación de cables del cuadro de instrumentos

Identificación de los conectores del circuito impreso del cuadro de instrumentos

Instrument Cluster (1991)

Voltage Regulator Test
  1. If only one gauge is inoperative, regulator is not defective. If both fuel and temperature gauges are inoperative, voltage regulator may be faulty or have a bad ground connection.
  2. Partially remove instrument cluster. Position cluster so regulator can be reached with voltmeter probes. Leave chassis harness connected. Ensure ground connection at regulator is tight.
  3. Turn ignition on. Connect voltmeter negative(-) lead to terminal No. 2 of regulator. Connect positive () lead to terminal No 1. See Figure(s) below. Meter reading should be 9.5-10.5 volts. If reading exceeds specification, replace voltage regulator.