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Engine Conversions/Swaps

  • Who Does Conversions?
  • General info
  • Upgraded WBX
  • Subaru
  • Volkswagen I-4, 1.8T, VR6
  • Zetec/Bostig
  • Tiico
  • Audi
  • Porsche
  • Diesel
  • Air-cooled to water-cooled

Who Does Conversions? ~ in-house and DIY
Upgraded WBX
GoWesty ~ CA (DIY)
Rocky Jennings ~ Walla Walla, WA
Vanistan ~ NM (DIY)
Other WBX builders

Ben's Place ~ Quebec, Canada
The Buslab ~ Berkely, CA
Europro ~ Costa Mesa, CA
Rocky Mountain Westy ~ Ft. Collins, CO
Small Car Performance ~ Seattle, WA
Subagon ~ Redding, CA
Vanaru ~ NY
VanGo Conversions ~ Seattle, WA
Wild Westy ~ Boulder, CO

Ford Zetec
Bostig ~ MA & OH (DIY)


Van-Again ~ NJ (DIY)

Volkswagen 1.8T
H2OVanagon/Stephan's Auto Haus ~ Sacramento, CA

General Conversion Info
Never ending engine conversion debate: Preferred Engine Conversion
What’s your ideal engine replacement?
Bostig, Vanaru, GEX: Which is right for us?
Subaru vs. Bostig/Zetec vs. WBX
Subaru vs. Zetec – pt. 1
Subaru vs. Zetec – pt. 2
Tiico vs. Bostig/Zetec
Tiico vs. Subaru
Tiico vs. GoWesty engines
Repair WBX or replace?
DIY or pay someone?
Engine conversion vs. resale value – pt. 1
Engine conversion vs. resale value – pt. 2

Upgraded WBX
Tencent/Vanistan Engine Review - 2008
Tencent/Vanistan Engine Review - 2010
Tencent/Vanistan Engine Review - 2011
Tencent/Vanistan Engine Install Thread - 2011
Tencent/Vanistan Engine Review - 2014
Tencent/Vanistan Service Review - 2009
Tencent/Vanistan vs. Zetec Power - 2009
Where Tencent/Vanistan engines reside

Official GoWesty 2.2/2.3/2.4/2.5 engine thread

General info:
Subaru conversion help ~ requires Yahoo account
Subaru conversion fault codes
Which Subaru engines are available for conversions?
Will a Subaru overpower my auto trans Vanagon?
Automatic rebuild options for Subaru conversion
Anything need to be done to an A/T with Subaru conversion?
Subaru "Frankenmotor" for the Vanagon - really good!
Another Frankenmotor build plus install into an AC van!
Subaru conversion temperature gauge reading
Subaru 2.2 header
Subaru fantasy header
Great Subaru header debate
Electronic dash mounted VSS
What oil are you using in your Subaru conversion?
Tom Shiels' thermostat housing for EJ22 or EJ25

Subaru 4 cylinder:
EJ22 Subaru swap into 1984 Vanagon
EJ22 in 1985 Westy
EJ25 Subaru swap
EJ25 Subaru swap – pt. 2
Subaru STI install
RMW Subaru kit build

Subaru 6 cylinder:
Another SVX install
SVX into 1987 Vanagon
Another Subaru swap
Subaru EG33 conversion adventure
Subaru H-6 conversion
Subaru H6 install (EZ30)

Volkswagen Inline-4 (I-4/I4) ~ see Tiico inline-4 below
I-4 debate
I-4 conversion info
50-degree I-4 install hydraulic engine mounts
1986 Inline Gas Vanagon Conversion

Volkswagen 1.8T
1.8T conversion details/discussion
Stephan's Auto Haus conversion kit
50-degree 1.8T install
Another 1.8T hits the road

Volkswagen VR6
Vanagon VR6 questions
VR6 in an A/T Vanagon?
VR6 engine: Can we make this fit?
VR6 swap?
Will EuroVan trans work in Vanagon with VR6?
Vanagon VR6 conversion
Vanagon Carat VR6 Project – The Build

(Ford Zetec is the engine, Bostig is the company doing/offering Zetec conversions.)
Bostig web site
Which conversion kit to buy?
Where to get a Zetec?
Final cost for Bostig?
Anyone done the Bostig conversion?
Why Bostig?
A Bostig conversion
A Zetec conversion
Still lost about Zetec
Bostig upgrades & add-ons
Bostig turbo
Bositg surpercharged
Bostig Zetec review after 2000 miles
Zetec with auto trans?
Zetec auto trans hose routing
Zetec power figures

Tiico Inline-4 (I-4/I4) ~ see VW inline-4 above
Tiico better than Bostig/Zetec or Subaru?
To Tiico or not to Tiico?
Tiico questions – where to get answers
Tiico with auto trans?
Tiico diesel
Tiico 2.0L: What do you think?
Thinking of buying a Tiico-converted van: Should I be scared?
Tiico engine fire
Tiico ticking
Tiico running crappy
Info on Tiico ECU's from FAS

Audi V8
Pros and cons of Audi V6
Audi V12 TDI
Audi 5 cyl. AAN and 3B engines
Audi 2.5L by Eurospec/Overland (w/ more AAN & 3B info)
Audi 5000 mounts & bracket strength

Porche engine in Vanagon?
Done before: Porsche 924 or 944 engine in Vanagon?
Porsche 924 2.4L engine?
Will a 944 work in a Vanagon?
Porsche 911 3.0L

5-cylinder TDI install
5-cylinder diesel characteristics
TDI conversion information
AAZ into 1988 Vanagon
AAZ turbodiesel into 1986 Vanagon Syncro
Subaru diesel

Air-cooled to Water-cooled, or vice-versa
Air to water: Anyone done it?
Air to water: Should I? – pt. 1
Air to water: Should I? – pt. 2
Water to air: Anyone done it?


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