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 Suspension, Steering, Brakes, & Tires

  • Front wheel suspension
  • Rear wheel suspension
  • Wheels, tires, alignment
  • Brakes
  • Steering

Suspension ~ General info
2WD springs
GoWesty Zero-lift Springs
GoWesty 2WD Lift Springs
GoWesty Syncro Lift Springs
GoWesty 2" Lift Springs ~ Syncro review
Lifting a 2WD
Syncro: To Lift or Not To Lift
GoWesty vs. Van-Cafe springs
Shocks for GoWesty lift springs
Aftermarket springs
OEM vs. aftermarket shocks
Shock brand discussion
Koni shocks discussion
Koni shock install
Monroe shocks discussion

Front wheel suspension (40)
More travel out of front shocks
Complete front-end rebuild
Bushing kit: Buy complete & from where?
Control arm bushings: squeaks to complete failure
Powerflex bushings
Best ball joints
$45 Syncro U-joint replacement
Whiteline anti-sway bars
Addco Sway Bars
Addco sway bar install hints

Rear wheel suspension (42)
930 CV axle length
Saggy rear end
7 steps to a happier back end: fixing the Vanagon sag or Westy lean
Best shocks
Best CV boots
Broken CV bolts
Rear wheel bearing replacement
More rear bearing madness

Wheels, tires, alignment (44)
General info - tires:
Guide: Five Tire Rotation, Syncro & 2WD
Load ratings
Tire safety: load ratings, PSI, etc. - v.1
Tire safety: load ratings, PSI, etc. - v.2
HydroEdge vs. Vanco; load ratings
Tire differences
XL tire does NOT equate to RF
The need for spacers / proper ET
Heavy 2WD Westy chopping up tires
DIY wheel alignment

General info - wheels:
What fits? Ultimate thread!
What fits? Ultimate thread! – pt. 2
Safe ET (offset)
Torque specs: aftermarket and stock
Stock alloy center cap paint

Tires & wheels – 14”:
14" tire options - 2012
14" tire options for a Westy - 2010
14" tire options - 2010
14" tire options - 2010 (w/ General Altimax warning)
14" tire options - 2009

Tires & wheels – 15":
Installing Audi brakes & wheels on a Syncro
15" tire options
Modifying spare tire carrier for 215/75R15 BFG
15" wheel conversion
BRM discussion

Tires & wheels – 16":
HydoEdge vs. Yokohama & BFG....
Geolander 215/65/16
Tires for 16x7 wheels
16" in spare tire mount (dead photos)
16" tire options
Back to 16's

Tires and wheels – 17" and larger:
18" wheels

Spare Tire:
Modified spare tire clam shell to fit 215-65-16 tires
Rear swing-away tire carriers - post new questions/comments to this thread
Spare tire racks

Brakes (46, 47)
46) Mechanical components:
GoWesty big brake kit (new in-house version)
Custom disc brakes – Great thread!
DIY big brake kits
Using Ford brakes
Using Ford brakes – pt. 2
Installing Audi brakes & wheels on a Syncro
More Syncro brake upgrading
Installing Porsche brakes
Porsche brakes – pt. 2
2WD brake conversion
Jaguar big brakes
Another BIG brake thread

47) Hydraulic components:
Bigger brake booster
Caliper rebuild
Replacing flex lines/hoses - v.1
Replacing flex lines/hoses - v.2
Replacing hard lines
Power bleeding; cracks in reservoir

Rear brakes:
Rear disc conversion for 14" wheels
Rear disc conversion for 15" wheels
Another rear disc setup
Rear disc conversion with EuroVan rotors

Steering (48 )
Power rack rebuild with pix
Powerflex steering rack bushings
Fabricating and replacing power steering hoses (a few dead pictures)

Steering wheel:
Steering wheel exchange
Steering wheel exchange – pt. 2

Steering wheel / Ignition lock:
Ignition lock cylinder removal

Steering column "sheer bolts" - don't really sheer:
Look at this crash!


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