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Engine, Cooling, Fuel, Exhaust, Ignition, Electrical

  • General info
  • Cylinder heads & valve drive
  • Lubrication system
  • Cooling system
  • Fuel system
  • Exhaust/emissions system
  • Electrical: battery, starter, alternator, ground locations, solar set-ups
  • Ignition system

►Engine, Cooling, Fuel, Exhaust, Ignition, & Electrical

(For conversion/swap info, see next section/post.)

General info
Cleaning the engine - v.1
Cleaning the engine - v.2
Stigma attached to WBX?
Rod bolt failure!
Breather hose collapse
Cleaning the ISV
Fresh pistons and engine break in
Crankshaft end play
1.9L: What is this mystery plug?!
2.1L DJ engine specs/info

Building the WBX engine:
Building a 2.2
2.1 or 2.2 in a 1.9 case
Pics of a WBX build
2.1 rebuild
Performance WBX motors
Supercharging a WBX

Cylinder heads & valve drive (15)
Head gasket replacement

GoWesty heads

Ratio rockers for the WBX – v.1
Ratio rockers for the WBX – v.2

Collapsible Pushrod Tubes for the WBX – v.1
Collapsible Pushrod Tubes for the WBX – v.2

Hydraulic lifters:
Official WBX lifter/tappet clatter thread
Noisy valves/lifters – v.1 (locked; use official thread)
Noisy valves/lifters – v.2 (locked; use official thread)
Noisy valves/lifters – v.3 (locked; use official thread)
Adjusting hydraulic lifters
Bleeding lifters!

Lubrication system (17)
External oil cooler – WBX
External oil cooler – air-cooled engines
Vanagon External Oil Cooler Install - Rear Fender

Oil pump:
Oil pump install
Oil pumps

Engine oil:
Official Vanagon Oil & Filter Thread
Official air-cooled Vanagon oil discussion thread
Official Vanagon oil weight/grade discussion
Synthetic oil discussion
All other oil threads will be locked!

Oil Pressure:
Pressure sender photo (at end of thread)
Idiot light woes – v.1
Idiot light woes – v.2
Low oil pressure links
Oil pressure-related rod bearing failures
2.1-specific oil pressure questions
Dynamic oil pressure testing
Another pressure thread

Cooling system (19)
Radiator fan won't shut off
Radiator fan won't turn on
Radiator fan fuse getting hot

General info:
Adding toggle switch to control radiator fan
Can you hear your low-speed fan?

Filling the cooling system:
Coolant/anti-freeze recommendations
Coolant/anti-freeze colors
No mess system bleeding
The Libby Bong
Cooling system flush and bong fill

Coolant pipes:
Stainless coolant pipes – pt. 1
Stainless coolant pipes – pt. 2
Stainless coolant pipes – pt. 3
Stainless coolant pipes - pt. 4 ("don't use 'em")
Stainless coolant pipes - pt. 5

Thermostat housing info
Alternate cooling hoses
Blue silicone replacement hose
VW to NAPA hose conversion chart
Cadillac radiator hose for '84 Vanagon
NAPA hoses for early Vanagons
NAPA hose replacement for 1.9L
Hose clamps
Subaru cooling system with Burley pipe

Subaru stop leak
Subaru coolant conditioner warning

Fuel system (20, 23, 24)
20) Fuel Supply:
Replacing fuel lines - VERY IMPORTANT - A "MUST" READ!
E10 (Ethanol) Gasoline and the WBX - v.1
E10 (Ethanol) Gasoline and the WBX - v.2 (locked; use topic above)
Which brand of fuel do you use? - v.1 (locked; use topic below)
Which brand of fuel do you use? - v.2
Which octane to use?
87 vs. 93 octane

Gas mileage comparisons
Pressure testing
Fuel line clamps
Nice pictures of hoses and clamps
Fuel rail fix
Alternate fuel pump
Alternate Ford / Napa fuel pump and others
Fuel pump kill switch
ECU chip tuning - Look for links
Vent tube repair
Syncro fuel tank removal & reseal

Fuel tank/fueling issues:
Repairing a sticky/stuck gas cap lock cylinder
Vanagon doesn't trip the fuel pump auto-shutoff in time
Overfilling at fill-ups
Gas filler neck burps during refill
Leaking fuel during & after fill-up
Finding a puddle of gas under your van
Fuel tank leaks
Gas smell after fill-up
Gas smell after fill-up v.2
How does the 2WD filler neck attach to tank?
Replacememt gas tank review
Gas tank vents

Fuel tank re-seal

24) Fuel Injection:
MAF and FI part interchange
Replacing injector connector
Aftermarket injectors for 1.9 and 2.1
Wiring and connectors
TPS adjustment
Air-flow meter (AFM) adjustment procedure ~ Digifant
Troubleshooting rich/lean conditions ~ Digijet/Digifant
Troubleshooting stuck open ICV/ISV (high idle)
Idle Control Module issues (high idle) & cheap fix

Throttle Body (TB) fixes:
JB Weld fix for worn out TB
JB Weld fix – pt. 2
Throttle switch

Exhaust/emissions system (26)
Failed emissions

General info:
Cleaning exhaust piping - v.1
Cleaning exhaust piping - v.2
Tuned exhaust for the WBX
Fitting an aftermarket stock exhaust
Generic Bosch O2 sensor
3-wire heated O2 sensor for vans up to 1985
Testing the O2 sensor circuit ~ Digifant
Testing the O2 sensor circuit ~ Digijet

Electrical: battery, starter, alternator, ground locations (27)
Your van takes a Group 41 battery right behind & under the passenger seat.
You can place an auxiliary battery, if not already equipped, behind/beneath the driver seat; see below.

Ground locations:
2.1L vans

High torque starter overhaul
Bosch vs. high torque starter

Inexpensive alternator regulator/brush set
High output alternator for a Subaru conversion
Adjustable regulator
Subaru conversion alternator light

Auxiliary battery:
Aux battery install
Another aux battery w/ pix
Biggest aux battery in stock location
Aux battery setup
Weekender aux battery relay wiring
Aux battery, microwave, inverter, & lighting install

Solar panels:
Solar panels to fit Westy luggage rack
Costco solar panel
Solar panel advice
Going Solar ~ incorrect topic number; bad link
More solar panel discussion topics

Power distribution:
Good Yandina wiring diagram
12 volt accessory outlets - Where are yours?
House Battery, Yandina, Xantrex & Atwood Install

USB port power:
Topic #1
Topic #2

Ignition system
No start, no headlights, no blower fan, & no wipers: Ignition switch and/or X-relay
No start, but power to accessories & fuel pump: Ignition switch, bad ground connections, faulty starter and/or connections, and/or park-neutral switch (A/T only)
Starter engages, but after a slight delay: Most likely faulty ignition switch
Cranks, but no start: no spark v.1
Cranks, but no start: no spark v.2
Cranks, but no start: no spark v.3
Cranks, but no start: spark
Cranks, but no start: Air-cooled
No crank, no start
Slow crank & no hot start
Intermittent no start
Starts then dies
Hot start: what is it?
Hot Start problem: 1985 1.9 Vanagon
91 Westy: intermittent high idle/hot start problems....
Hard start in hot weather
"Hot start" problem with a twist

General info:
Replacing & testing ignition switch ~ DIY Guide (PDF)
Installing push-button ignition switch
Distributor (dizzy) rebuild
Hall Sender/generator R&R ~ Digifant

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