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 General Info

  • Type/Model information
  • Buyer's Guide
  • Paint colors/codes
  • VIN, Engine number
  • Transmission number
  • Lifting van with jack/hoist
  • Towing: General towing info; hitches; trailers; roadside assistance
  • Insurance
  • Thefts
  • Repair shops, parts/product info & online manuals
  • Engine fires: how to put them out
  • Vehicle Care/Maintenance
  • Name this part!
  • Owners' realm
  • Can the forum be split up/Can a sub-forum be added? No! Ain't gonna happen!

Type/Model information
Which model do I have/am I looking at?
Bus Buyer's Guide/PPI Lists
Paint colors & codes: the complete list
M code List
Full-camper vs. Weekender/MV debate - v.1
Full-camper vs. Weekender/MV debate - v.2
Full-camper vs. Weekender/MV debate - v.3
Riviera vs. Westy debate
High-top vs. Pop-top debate
USA vs. Canadian Westy: What are the differences?
Bay Window vs. Vanagon (reliability) - v.1
Bay Window vs. Vanagon - v.2
Bay Window vs. Vanagon - v.3
Bay Window vs. Vanagon (camper) - v.4
Bay Window vs. Vanagon (family camper) - v.5
Bay Window vs. Vanagon (camper) - v.6
Bay Window vs. Vanagon (camper) - v.7
Syncro virgin guidance
Official Syncro 16 Thread
Gas mileage comparisons

VIN, Engine number
1981+ VIN decoder
1980 VIN decoder
VIN topics
Where to find the engine serial number

a) The four Z's stamped into your vehicle's chassis are simply filler digits during initial assembly ~ all VWs are built this way. During final assembly, the vehicle receives its official VIN that you see on the dash: For USA/Canada, the Z's are replaced by the required digit information; for all other countries, the Z's remain (countries outside North America do not require the info provided by digits 4, 5, 6 & 9). If the rest of the VIN matches up to the dash and/or door jamb VIN, everything is fine.

b) Chassis number: Chassis number is specifically the year digit + sequential production number digits in the VIN. Many times parts are dependent upon your car's chassis number, which is VIN-dependent, often called a VIN-split. An example of this:
To 25-E-11290
From 25-E-11291

The "25" is not always used. The "To E-11290" would indicate the part is for all Vanagons up to 1984 (E) with VIN sequential production number of 11290.

c) All 1981+ Vanagon VINs are 17-digits and begin with "WV".

Transmission number

Lifting van with jack/hoist
Hi-lift jack
Floor jack & jackstand support points

Towing topics
What do you tow with your van?
Towing an auto trans van
Anyone tow their van?

Problems with AAA towing coverage
AAA vs. Good Sam

Custom trailer build

Trailer hitch topics
Burley Motorsports hitch install
GoWesty hitch with motorcycles?

Insurance & Accidents
Insurance ~ General Info
Which insurance?
Stated Value vs. Agreed Value ~ external link
Insurance policies for your Vanagon
How do I prove my Westy's value to the insurance company?

Insurance ~ Post-accident
Insurance wants to total my Westy
Westy insurance madness - how to deal with your insurance co. post-accident

Death of the Westy
RIP Westy Syncro
Real life crash test
Wrecked '86 Syncro Westy ~ getting fixed

How To Post Your Stolen Van
The Samba Stolen Van Tally

Vanagon Theft Statistics

Theft-proofing Your Van ~ v.1 - locked
Theft-proofing Your Van ~ v.2

Adding a kill-switch ~ v.1
Adding a kill-switch ~ v.2
Adding a kill-switch ~ v.3

GPS locators

Repair Shops, Parts/Products Information & Online Manuals
Repair shops:
Roadhaus: List of repair shops
Vanagon Rescue Squad ~ there's now an app for that!
Aircooled Interstate Rescue Squad

Parts & product information:
List of alternate & NLA replacement parts
Product reviews
Karma - Part it forward - FREE parts (sticky)

Online manuals:
Vanagon Maintenance -- The Master To-Do List
D-Jetronic fundamentals
D-Jetronic manual
L-Jetronic manual
Service Training Manual: 1986 Vanagon
ProTraining Manual: Digijet
ProTraining Manual: Digifant I
ProTraining Manual: Digifant
Service Training Manual: Solving Drivability Problems

Engine Fires: How to Put Them Out
Fire... then what?!
Putting out an engine fire
Onboard automatic fire suppression systems
Blazecut Fire Suppression System
Westy fire extinguisher: what fits in stock bracket?

Vehicle Care/Maintenance
Who uses what to clean where?

Owners' Realm
What did you do to your van today? (sticky) ~ what WORK you did TO your van today
Things your van did recently (sticky) ~ what work or play your VAN did today (any "to" posts made in this thread will be deleted)
Meet the faces behind the screen names
Stories of getting your new van

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