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 Electrical System
For ignition and related electrical, please refer to the Engine section above.

  • Instruments, radio
  • Windshield wiper & washer
  • Lights
  • Accessories (inverters and such)
  • Wiring & ground locations

Aux batteries, solar systems, ignition, etc.: also see "Electrical: battery, starter, alternator (27)" in Engine section above.

Instruments, radio (90)

Odometer fix ideas
Installing late Vanagon cluster into early Vanagons without tachs
Speedo plastic repair
Instrument cluster LED lighting

Aux Instruments / Extra Gauges / Tach:
The Gauge Thread
Gauge faces & tach install
Oil pressure and pressure sender install
Voltminder - a volt gauge with alarm
Installing speedo/tach from A2 chassis VWs (Fox/Golf)

Coolant Temperature Gauge:
Testing the warning light & level sensor
DIY gauge testing at home
Coolant pressure gauge ideas
Repair - verbose
Coolant sensor and possible blinky light fix

Radios/stereos/head units/receivers:
Van stereo 101
Audio installation
Official Stereo/Radio Recommendations Thread
Current radio choices - locked; please use official thread above
Receiver recommendations - locked; please use official thread above
Weather band radio with AM/FM, CD, MP3, aux, etc. that fits
Key-in power modification
Refurbishing OEM radio?

Sound insulation & audio install
Speaker recommendations
6-inch door speakers
6½-inch speakers using factory grilles

Cigar / Cigarette lighter socket:
Replacing the lighter
Green lighter bezel
Replacing cigarette lighter receptacle

Windshield wiper & washer (92)
2-way nozzles
3-way nozzles
Variable intermittent wipers

Front & side lights:
Adding headlight relays - v.1
Adding headlight relays - v.2
Installing H4 headlight bulbs for cheap – late Vanagon
Everything you need to know about headlight bulbs - thx Dogpilot
Daytime Running Lights: Installing, and modifying for high-watt bulbs
Daytime Running Lights: Factory system diagrams, installation, disabling
Party lights
Installing LEDs (includes a link to PDF bulb conversion table)
Cleaning headlamps

Headlight adjuster fixes (square lights):
Idea 1
Idea 2
Idea 3

South African grille (SA grille) & dual-round headlamps Green Vanagon :
South African grille discussion
South African grille & light installation
Where to get SA grille lamps
DIY SA-like dual-round headlamp grille

Rear lights:
Adding bulbs to the tail lights
Adding bulbs to the tail lights – pt. 2
Adding more rear light to a Westy
More rear fog lamps

Third brake light ~ options
Third brake light ~ options & how to run wires
Third brake light ~ GoWesty
Third brake light ~ with turn signals

Interior Lighting:
Interior lighting project
Indiglo cluster lighting
Cruise control indicator light
Cold cathode tube swap
Installing LED bulbs (includes a link to PDF bulb conversion table)
Installing flexible LED lighting
Simple brake warning lamp reposition mod
Emergency brake light switch

Installing an inverter
What size inverter?
Wiring up a Westy

Microwave ovens:
Van-sized microwaves

2.1L ground locations
Horn upgrade via relay wiring

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