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Modified, Restored, Rebuilt Vans

  • Various modified vans
  • Various builds
  • Various restorations
  • Various rustorations

►Modified, Restored, Rebuilt Vans

■Modifications & Customizations
Converting a GL to a Carat
Converting a 2WD into a Syncro
Converting a Westy to a high-top
Fiberine high-top conversion
Converting a tin-top to a Westfalia camper - v.1
Converting a tin-top to a Westfalia camper - v.2
Mid-engine conversion
Breadbox build: Vortec 4.3 V6 conversion
Trailer made from a Vanagon
Build your own Doka
Another Syncro Tintop to Hightop Camper Conversion

■Rebuilds & Restorations
Restoration Stories
Corter van - Syncro restoration project
Rebuilding of a German Army Syncro
Kitchen rust: a pictorial rustoration
I had to be brave...a rustoration
Syncro restoration
'86 Syncro restoration
'86 Syncro Westy rebuild
1988 Doka Restoration - dead photos
New Paint! Westy restoration + Carat body trim installed
Lucy, our Westy
1984 Doka Tragedy to Restoration
Syncro Westy Build Log - With Pics
1986 Inline Gas Vanagon Conversion
My Project Syncro


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