PDF: Backpacker's Cookbook

Backpacker's Cookbook: A Practical Guide to Dining Out

Dave Coustick, "Backpacker's Cookbook: A Practical Guide to Dining Out"
2011 | MOBI | 128 pages | 0,7 MB

A practical rucksack item for any hillwalker or camper who wants to do more than simply open a boil-in-the-bag meal or some powdered soup on the hill. Some 100 recipes by Munro-bagger Dave Coustick show that it is possible to eat hearty meals without having to carry masses of ingredients or be wieghed down with cans and packets. Helpful hints on how to use fresh ingredients which can range from fish to mushrooms and what equipment is required are included. Recipes include: 7 pastas, chicken & wild mushrooms, corned beef hash, lamb with dill, omelettes, fish cakes, chilli with rice, risotto, saute potatoes, steak & onions, bananas in Grand Marnier, pancakes, peach tart and bananas with chocolate. Produced in a handy format, this book is an essential addition to the hillwalker and hiker's backpack.


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