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 Body (Interior, Exterior) & HVAC

  • General body information: dimensions, paint, modifications, etc.
  • Hoods/lids (aka rear hatch)
  • Doors
  • Sunroof
  • Tarpaulin
  • Bumpers
  • Glass, window regulators
  • Body accessories (side moldings, mirrors, awnings, etc.)
  • Seat belts
  • Interior trim
  • Seats
  • Seat upholstery, heating element
  • Heater/ventilation
  • Air conditioner
  • Insulation, sound-deadening & smells

(For camper-specific equipment, see next section/post.)

General information: dimensions, weights, paint, modifications, etc. (50)
Van Length: 181"
Van Width: 74"
Van Height: height will vary between vans due to suspension, load, tires, etc.; generally speaking: 77" (2WD tin-top); 81" (2WD w/ pop-top); add 2" to those if 4WD
Sinka & Doka dimensions (metric)
Lower grille opening: 27½" X 6-3/8"
Volume: 17.78 cubic meters (627.84 cubic feet) - 2WD w/ pop-top
Pop-top: Yes, all are the same and are interchangeable
Westy beds: 45” X 74” (downstairs); 47” X 72” (upstairs)
Westy tables: 16¼" X 24¼" (front); 16¼" X 31-7/8" (rear)

Sinka/Doka rear window dimensions

Engine dimensions

Shell: 1375 lbs. (624 kg)
GVWR & curb weights ~ external link
Curb weights - v.1
Curb weights - v.2
2.0L engine: 300 lbs. (136 kg) - complete engine
1.9L engine: 287 lbs. (130Kg) - complete engine
2.1L engine: 350 lbs. (159kg) - complete engine
Manual trans: 91 lbs. (with oil)
Westy fridge: 30 lbs. (w/o door)
Westy upper bed weight limit

Body cavity protection using factory/aftermarket preservative (cosmoline, etc.) ~ official VW literature
Corter van restoration - body and component protection/preservation
To bra or not to bra? - v.1
To bra or not to bra? - v.2
Which bra?

Painting & Restoration:
Door handles, etc...
Emblem Repair
Best products for plastic restoration

Rust worms:
Where you might find rust
Dealing with rust
Replacing side panel sheet metal
A rustoration

Adding grab handle to driver's side A-pillar - installation details
Adding grab handle to driver's side A-pillar and above front doors
Modifying the firewall for extra storage - 2WD

Hoods/lids ~ rear hatch (55)

Doors (57, 58 )
57) Front doors:
Keyless door lock installation
Power window motor rebuild
Door handle disassembly
Interior rear hatch release/latch

Power door lock repair:
Power door lock fix ideas
More power door lock fix ideas with pix
Another Fix 1
Another Fix 2
Another Fix 3
Another Fix 4

58 ) Rear (sliding) door:
Sliding door maintenance
Sliding door horizontal roller bearings
$3 sliding door vertical roller bearing fix
Early sliding door handle fix
Extending slider door hinge
UHMW Tape: Quieting the slider door + others
Sliding door hinge repair rebuild
$11 Sliding door screen (with photos)
Adding grab handle to inside of sliding door
Sliding door handle re-keying how-to

Sunroof (60)

Tarpaulin (61)
Doka/Sika tarpaulin/canopy suppliers

Bumpers (63)
Bumper end cap repair

Glass, window regulators (64)
Window insulating blankets/curtains

Windshield, front door windows:
Windshield sealant
Removing windshield and repairing rust
Removing/installing front door glass
Replacing manual window regulator

Side and rear windows:
Slider window rattle fix with pics
Adding opening rear side windows
Later rear window vents
Replacing rear window vent material
Installing jalousie windows into a Vanagon

Power windows and other gremlins:
Power window stuck down
Adding power windows & locks
Rebuilding power window regulators
Replacing power regulators with manual regulators
Replacing power regulators with manual – pt. 2
Budget window switches
Rewinding questions with pictures
Promex Italian aftermarket electric winders

Exterior ~ accessories, side moldings, mirrors, awnings, grilles, etc. (66)
Curing floppy mirror syndrome ~ manual mirrors
Curing floppy mirror syndrome ~ power mirrors
How to install LT mirrors
Subaru mirrors on a Vanagon

Alternative grille emblems

Adding a shower – pt. 1
Adding a shower – pt. 2

Official Awning Options Thread
Dave Vickery-inspired DIY awning
$24 DIY awning
How many still have the Trans-Awn 2000?
Trans-Awn 2000 owner's manual

Side tents

Seat belts (68 )
Installing 3-point rear seat belts
Adding 3rd rear lap seat belt & GoWesty shoulder belts to a Westy
Seat belt anchoring

Interior: trim, accessories, etc. (70)
Dash removal
What else to do while replacing a front heater core - Dash is out in this case!

Installing a Weekender interior with Z-bed and table
Show me your interiors!

Wood flooring
Carpet & flooring options
Replacing the carpet: Should I stick with OEM?
Westy carpet replacement options
DIY cheap OEM floormats
GoWesty rubber floormats
Rubber floormat for a passenger van
VW carpet floormats

Deluxe Dash Console/Gauges/Heater Core Project
Center console concept...and cup holder ideas
Deluxe dash console

Seats (72)
Rear seat won't unlatch

General info:
How to remove front seats
Installing lumbar support
Installing bolt-on swivel seat base
Installing Carat-style jump seat
Installing Porsche seats
Installing Recaros
Installing Eurovan seats into Vanagon w/ pix
Installing Eurovan seats w/ pix – pt. 2
Seat rebuilding, cleaning and heaters
Passenger Seat Reclining Mod
Arm rests – disassembly and reassembly
Installing headrests into rear bench seat

Seat upholstery, heating element (74)
Installing heated seat inserts

Heater/ventilation (80)
Curing Hot Foot Syndrome
"Quick" vent flap repair
Cable mod
Replacing front heater core – with movies!
$50 "perfect" heater core search
$50 heater core – pt. 2
Front heater assembly
Rebuilding the front heater box with pictures
Heater core replacement
Heater removal issues
DIY cold weather front heater solution

Front heater fan:
Front blower motor rebuild with pics
Replacing front blower motor
Lubricating heater fan – Mullendore Port fix ~ original topic (locked)
Lubricating heater fan – Mullendore Port fix ~ continued discussion
Heater fan

Rear heater:
Pictures of EVIL rear heater repair
More EVIL rear heater
Verbose rear heater repair
Rear heater core option
Removing rear heater: plugging the hoses/removing the T-fittings
Removing rear heater: plug or connect the hoses?

Alternate heaters:
Propex heater install locations: Pros and Cons
Installing Propex - dead photos
Installing Propex in rear cabinet
Installing Propex under rear seat - dead photos
Installing Propex under/in place of fridge - v.1
Installing Propex under fridge - v.2
Propex issues
Installing Atwood furnace

Additional aux heater info in the camping FAQ

Air conditioner (87)
Converting your A/C system to Redtek - Great thread!
Universal front A/C units
Westfalia A/C vents & removing plenum
A/C condenser replacement

Insulation, sound-deadening, & smells
Sound deadening – pt. 1
Sound deadening – pt. 2
Sound deadening – pt. 3
Sound deadening – pt. 4
Sound measurements
Sound-deadening comparison video
UHMW tape to quiet slider door and other noise spots

Insulation & flooring pics
Transmission tunnel insulation – dead photos
Re-insulating engine lid
Re-insulating engine lid – pt. 2

Getting rid of "smelly van"

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