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  • Roof: pop-top/high-top
  • Interior panels
  • Storage & cabinets
  • Tables
  • Water tank(s)
  • Plumbing
  • Sink
  • Fridge
  • Stove
  • Propane tank
  • Seats & beds

 Roof (Pop-top/High-top) (75)
General info:
Repairing the tent canvas & screen
Pop-top extension ~ fusing the luggage rack to the pop-top
Pop-top push bar fix
Renewing the pop-top using Penetrol
What do I use to paint the top?
Pop-top restoration
The new high-top
The official high-roof thread: care, maintenance, travel & packing tips, photos
DIY Pop-top insulation
Pop-top safety ideas
Pop-top popped open while driving

Pop-top cleaning:
Removing mildew/mold from pop-top
Removing mildew/mold from pop-top – pt. 2
Removing mildew/mold/dirt from pop-top – pt. 3

Pop-top tent replacement:
Definitive Guide to Replacement Tent Options
Replacing the tent - v.1 (photos & video)
Replacing the tent - v.2

Roof-top storage:
Luggage rack covers
Roof Racks
Roof Top Storage
More roof racks
Luggage rack cargo net
Storage Containers for the Roof Rack
Homemade false gutter : a bit more versatile

Skylight / roof vent:
Skylight install / repair
Skylight swing arm repair
New Flexarms for the skylight
Easy Sun Screen for the Pop Top Sky light

Interior Panels (75)
Installing Weekender/Multivan interior panels into regular passenger van

Storage & Cabinets (76)
Hidden Westy storage space
How to pack to reduce clutter
Stainless luggage tie-downs
Cheap Child's Cot Alternative
Storage container for luggage rack
Modifying firewall for storage
More Westy mods...
Additional storage info in the camping FAQ

Restore the kitchen trim
Laminate and T-molding (Gray laminate color: Pionite F39 SG204 N Mercury; or, Formica 927 58 Folkstone)
Gray cabinet colors (paint, laminate, trim, etc.)
Adding fridge door to rear closet
Weekender kitchen
Weekender rear cabinet dimensions

Tables (76)
Making a support sleeve for the rear table
Westy outisde table mount
Modifying rear table for closet access

Water Tanks (76)
Water tank filler key
Water tank filler key – pt. 2
Contaminated water tank
Cheap DIY gray water tank
Additional gray water tank info in the camping FAQ

Westy Plumbing (76)
Fresh water supply and vent hose size: 3/8" ID
Fresh water hose replacement tips
Fresh water hose cleaning tips
Fresh water tank and hose sanitization tips

Westy Sink (76)
Replacement parts
Adding a valve to drain line
Rerouting sink drain
Sink faucet/pump replacement
ShurFlo faucet vs. OEM

Refrigerator / Reefer Madness (76)
Fridge is running, but I'm not using it: It's just the fan running, which is normal, especially if the van sits outside and in the sun. Simply pull the white fuse behind the driver's seat to shut it off (or install a toggle switch).
General discussion
General info for Dometic 182B auto ignition ('90-'91) - v.1
General info for Dometic 182B auto ignition ('90-'91) - v.2
Dometic maintenance & repair guide
Dometic 182B PDF Service Manual
Dometic 182B w/ auto igniter PDF Service Manual (1990-1991)
R&R with pix and fan install ~ photos are now gone (if anyone saved them, let us know!)
Repair shop tip
More tips and links
Lighting fix
Driving with fridge running on propane?
Ignitor mod
Door mod
Door mod & cooling fans
Replacement projects
Coleman & Sunfrost refrigerators
TruckFridge installation

Stove (76)
How to remove stove front
DIY Guide: Rebuilding your stove valves
Doubling the flame size - note: make sure your stove's gas lines, jets and nozzles are working properly and are clean, and that your propane tank is full before doing this mod (i.e. read entire thread first!)

Propane Tank (76)
Is the propane tank a hazard?
Any reason to not leave tank valve open?
Leaks / Regulator info
Leaks – pt. 2
Problem(s) filling propane tank

Tank restoration and valve purchase info
Valves revisited
Adapting to run on propane bottles
Adapting to run on BBQ tank w/ photos
Adapting to run on one pound bottle
Installing an Extend-A-Stay fitting
Bigger propane tank
Bigger propane tank and propane distribution - pt. 2
Propane tank restore (Eletrolytic Rust Removal)

Seats and beds (77)
Rear seat won't unlatch

General info:
Upper bed extensions

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